Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sony Ericsson Beat™

So here come's a new walkman phone. It's called Sony Ericsson Beat™ due to its great music features, but it also comes with other great experiences! More about it later :).


  1. Hi Frank,

    Can you please contact me. I would like to discuss some of your designs with you.

    Please contact me at azam(.)mirza(@)snoblaze(.)com


  2. Wow. When I was a kid we still had the old dial phone, ours was turquoise. Hilarious. We never imagined this kind of technology. Even when we saw communication devices on shows like Star Trek they seemed too unbelievable to be true. Heck as for music we had records and then tapes, finally CDs, but the thought of where we are now, with thin phones that can store hundreds of songs, is just amazing to think. Kind of scary too in a way I cannot even explain. Excellent blog well done. Thanks.

  3. Thank you very much! Yes we live in a strange futuristic world and not many people realize that...

  4. I wish well for the next cell and then we invented the Walkman Aino (2) with accerssoire the charging stand with the same charger with the Accessor MW600 Bluetooth headphones Sony Ericsson MW600, touch it with a pen, keyboard with keys coullisen as Xperia X2 for more fonctionaliter and also keep the same presentation aino, many of the different way to write to in case of a failure on the key on the keyboard is a little write our how to use the touch has the laptop lonterme

    Thank you for forwarding to the inventors of a mobile company Sony Ericsson, Sony Xperia, Walkman


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